Being friends with your competitor seems hard but trust me it will pay you to have them as friend instead of keeping them as enemies. There is a saying that ‘‘you can’t eat your cake and have it’’ you only practice what you know; in the other hand learning how your competitors do theirs will help the little you know. So having your competitors as friend is better. Set up meeting with them or have lunch with them to discuss about business. However if you are not okay with meeting them face-to-face you can watch them from afar. These tips will help you track your competitor:

  • Sign up for their emails: signing up for emails have made you a member which means you can receive their emails on the latest offer or upgrade. These gives you first hand information of what they intend doing and when it will take place.
  • Read their website and blogs: checking your competitors website or blog gives you an edge, to know what their website look like and also what are they posting to drive traffic to their site. This will help you improve your own website and blog content.
  • Network with them: approaching networking in a more positive way is very important. Competitors are helping to warm up the market for your solution. However, learning from others should be your goal, especially those that do the same business with you.
  • Set Google alerts: this allow you to receive notification or emails when there is new result such as webpages, newspaper articles, blogs or scientific research of your search terms. With this you will know what’s trending, keywords to use for your next article.
  • Follow them on social media: following your competitors on social media does not mean war depending on how you handle it. If you don’t want them to know what you are up to, open up a secret account. All these are to help you learn their tactics and apply it to your business. Once you follow them on social media you will see how they run things like the kind of ads they putting up, how they interact with their guests etc., all you need is to take out what is new to you and add it to your own business.
  • Unveil SEO Tactics: you need to affect the online visibility of your website in search engine result, using Google Bing and Yahoo. This helps to view what keywords are making your competitor rank higher in search engines. Be where the planners the planners are: your hotel should be located where event is always happening e.g. tourist center, museum, cinema etc.

Keeping a warm relationship with your competitors will give you a new and better way to take your business to a greater height.