Every human on earth have a unique way of doing things / business. This simple thing is what singles us out from others; this uniqueness should be everyone’s unique selling point in their businesses or work place. This same thing is what set your business different from others and that’s why people choose you instead of others. These tips will help you out:

  • Identify your strengths: know what work for you; different people and different way to attract customer/guests. Pick out one thing that other hoteliers are not doing and capitalize on that aspect such as you special lemonade juice, cookies, live band, kids playing ground etc.
  • Make your website more than website: your website can be a potent tool in getting oneself ahead of their competitor, it can be your brand identity which serve as a means to increase you online presence in a way that your competitor have not been able to, it can also be used as your social media marketing platform.
  • Justify your price: give your guests breakdown of what they paid for or what they intend to pay for. This should be in terms of quality and service and whatever you do be transparent with them.
  • Stick to your words: say what you mean and mean what you say. The hotel must meet the standard promised to its guests no matter what. These are ways to ensure customer satisfaction and earn their trust.
  • Décor and foods: beatify your hotel both the interior/exterior and make the environment attractive. The quality of prepared food served at your hotel can give your hotel edge to bring more guests to your restaurant thereby making it a center of attraction.
  • Packages and deals: these are ways of offering lower prices to guests or offering little packages to your guests when they checkout of your hotel. Packages can come in various ways e.g. immediately they check in/out or during their stay.
  • Online marketing: marketing your hotel online makes it easy for online shoppers to reach you, access your hotel and make reservations online. This makes guests see your hotel before they do the actual visit.
  • Attract through social media: people prefer to be online chatting or doing other things online, the hotel need to think of way of taking their market to meet these set of people and you can do this by being online 24/7. Follow the trend and watch your hotel grow.
  • Impress with your service: you need to deeply touch or affect your guests with the way you treat them and make them feel comfortable while at the hotel.

When you attract people/guests with what you do, they will cherish your services and will respect you for what you stand for.