Dining etiquette is a certain behavior that servers are supposed to get used to especially when serving their guests. Many formal restaurants practice the open hand service method, which means that servers arms are never to be crossed in front of a guest, and food is always served from the guests left side etc.


There are various types of table service whichever one your restaurant is using should be your code.

American: is a method of serving hotel or restaurant food, in which portions of food are placed on plates in kitchen [except for bread & butter & salads which are served on the table] by the establishments employees and served to each guest by a waiter/waitress.

Family-Style: is a method of serving in which food is brought to the table in serving dishes from which everyone helps him/herself. It allows participants to eat together and make food choices based on individual appetites and food preferences. It also allows flexibility in the size of initial servings, because more food must be readily available at each table.

French: is a method of serving private dining or restaurant food in which partially cooked food is brought from the kitchen on a cart which is used also for the final cooking. Food is completed in the front of the guests and served by a waiter/waitress who offers a dish to each guest who helps him/herself.

Russian: it’s a formal & elegant service very similar to but faster & less expensive than French service, except that the food is completed [prepared & garnished] in the kitchen and only one waiter [server] is used.

Butler: the butler-style buffet is a particularly appealing and practical way of moving about the room; the servers will bring the delicacies right to your guests. The butler-style buffet creates a casual atmosphere in a small spaces or trade fair.

English: is a method of serving private dining room or restaurant food in which a waiter/waitress serves each guest from a large dish, starting with the guest of honor, [if any] at the head of the table. In a more formal version [requiring a high degree of skill & showmanship]. The host/hostess carves the meat and dishes out vegetables on each plate, which the waiter/waitress serves first to the guest of honor [if any] and then to the other guests.

Table Etiquette

Setting The Table: it is a system evolved over time, that ensures an orderly meal. It contains informative place settings that serve as maps giving your a glimpse of what foods you are about to enjoy. You know what you’re being served, and are prepared to eat it with the proper utensils.

Serving The Table: serving utensils are placed on the right side of serve ware; when a serving spoon and serving folk are presented together, the spoon is laid on the right ready to cut and lift and the folk on the left to steady & hold. The utensils are returned to the platter or serving bowl in the same position.

Clearing The Table: stand on the right side of the diner, slightly behind the guest and remove the plate. Move to the next persons right hand side and stack the next plate, then stack smaller plates and silverware on top of plates and walkaway, if you cant clear everything at once get another server to help you. If you are unsure whether to clear it then ask politely ‘’may I remove your plate’’.

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