Funny as it may sound, hotel staff is the calmest people to ask questions from provided you ask politely. They will answer all your questions and even give you directions. So here are reasons to visit a hotel even when you are not staying there.

You Need Taxi: most hotels work directly with some taxi owners. You might have stood for hours waiting for taxi just go to the nearest hotel in that area and talk to the concierge or the receptionist about what you need and you will get yourself a taxi instantly but make sure you tip the person for the stress.

You Need A Quick Place To Get Some Work Done: visit a nearby hotel if you need a serene environment to get some of your work done if the house seems too disturbing. Just tell the staff you need a quiet room or place to get your work done.

You Want To Use The Restroom: when you are pressed and in need to use the restroom, go down to the closest hotel near you ask the receptionist that you need to use the restroom and he will direct you or once you enter the hotel look for sign of a restroom and do your thing.

You Need A Meeting/Hangout Spot: if you need a meeting or hangout spot all you need do is locate the closest hotel near you. You will get yourself a nice meeting or hangout spot.

You Need To Store Your Luggage: you just landed and it will take a while a while before you check in to your hotel room. Meet the doorman o porter and hand him your luggage but collect a card to show proof of ownership when you need to get them back, the doorman will keep safe till you come back for it. They will never ask for your room number or whether you have check in they will just collect it and keep it safe for you.

You Need Stamps/You Want To Mail A Postcard: if you stamps and to get one the distance is far, don’t worry quickly locate the nearest hotel, go down to the reception and drop it inside their mailing box but if you cant find one hand it over to one of the hotel staff; they will treat it like one of theirs stamp and post it along with others.

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You Want Free Internet Access: go to the hotel cafeteria and sit down like one of them and use the Internet. You better don’t try this in a big hotel because you will need a password to login or use their Internet, don’t start wandering around for network if you are caught you will be dealt with for loitering about.

You Need Recommendations For Activities Or Directions: if you don’t know your way around the town or needs recommendations, find the nearest hotel and ask the concierge for help, they are always ready and happy to help recommend a nice place or give directions so that it will be easy for you to locate where you are going to.

Why are you stressing yourself when you can get help from the closest hotel around you? Hotels are always open and ready serve you.