Everyone have different things that pissed them off likewise everyone have different thing that turn them on, however, in business the things you matters to your customers and goes a long way in how this customers respond to the services you render them. In other to retain these customers know their preferences and work with that. Here is why guests leave your hotel unhappy:

Untrained Staff: this is the worst aspect that can happen to your business employing untrained staff. Untrained staff lack the knowledge to use company resources properly, which will result to waste, however, this lack of knowledge about what needs to be done will affect customer interaction and retention.

Dirty Rooms: no matter how busy your hotel is don’t ever allocate a dirty room to your guests, it doesn’t speak well of your hotel. Some guest wont complain but the result will be that they wont come back, while others that will complain will need another room no matter the solution you brought. In other not to lose your guests keep your rooms tidy and neat.

Lack Of Basic Amenities: lack of basic amenities or amenities that do not work at all can chase your guests away. If you really value your guest put every thing in place and make sure you repair amenities that is not functioning well to give your guests a better experience at your hotel.

Charging For Internet Access: making your guests pay for internet usage shows that you really don’t want them to come back to your hotel. If they must pay for it include it in the room charge, that way they will know they already pay for everything at once. Honestly it is absurd for a staff to demand Internet fee from a guest that is checking out.

Inconsistent Service: inconsistency is one thing you should run away from. When your guests notice that you are inconsistent with the service you render they will begin to question the authenticity of your business.

Being consistence with the way you handle your business is key, because guests needs to know what you stand for and take you for that. Even if at the long run there is a little misunderstanding your guests will be the once fighting for you that you are not like that may be there is a mistake somewhere, and their response will make you sit up and do better.

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