Just like every other business, Hotels too have their rules and regulations; it is only normal to abide by them so that they will keep serving you better. Here are some of the don’ts when staying in hotel: 

Don’t Yell At The Staff: just as you have bad days so do people that works in a hotel; however, if any of the staff behave badly towards you, you are poorly served or attended to for any reason what so ever, call the staff to order but please to yell at him/her in stead complain to the manager.

Don’t Tell Anyone Your Room Number: make sure while checking inside your room that you do not tell any one your room number for security purpose, if for any reason the receptionist call out your room number in front of others don’t worry just request for another room because someone else might be listening, another thing is when you make payment with your ATM make sure you check it properly that its yours before you leave to your room.

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Don’t Get Angry When The Receptionist Requests To See Your Visitor’s Identification: they have their reasons for doing that and it’s to help serve you and others better. Call the reception to let them know you will be having a visitor to avoid keeping your visitor waiting all day.

Don’t Blame Hotel Staff For Stealing Your Stuff: do not be in a haste to accuse the hotel staff of stealing your stuff, be calm and patiently look for the lost item if not found then politely ask one of the staff to assist you in checking. You can report the issue to the police if you and the staff have thoroughly checked. However, do not blame them because if you eventually found the item you won’t call to apologies and by then you have successfully tarnished the person’s image.

Don’t Order From Room Service If You Notice That The Pages Are Dirty And Torn: check the room service booklet properly before you order for anything. Once you notice that the room service booklet is torn don’t make the mistake to still make order, it is better you call or go down to the reception and make your order there.

Don’t Use The Bathroom Washcloths To Take Off Your Makeup Or Shine Your Shoes: the hotel washcloths are not meant to remove makeup or shining of shoes. If you don’t have reason to use the washcloth just let it be.

Don’t Throw Anything In The Room Garbage If You Don’t Want The Hotel Staff To Know About It: avoid throwing things that are private to you in the room trashcan if you don’t want the staffs to know about it. Keep them inside you bag and throw them away when you are outside the hotel, that way your secret is safe.

Don’t Abuse The Privilege Of Late Checkout: if you really need to stay past noon let the manager know about it and if he approves it do not exceed the time you told him/her because of necessity.

Don’t Leave Your Luggage Unattended In A Hotel Lobby: if you don’t want to lose your bag guide it with care when at the hotel lobby because everyone there is not a gentleman except you hand it over to the staff to keep it for you otherwise you might not see the luggage again.

Don’t Be Embarrassed: call the hotel after you have checkout if you forgot anything at the hotel room no matter what it is they will return it back to you.

You are welcome to also give your own suggestions.