Hotels offers different treats and magnificent views, the elegance of hotels ranges from place to place and it is perfect. However, no matter how extravagance the hotel is, it must be welcoming and comfortable to its guests; hoteliers and hotel staff should communicate what the hotel need to make it standout and make their guests feel comfortable. Here are the simple things a hotel must provide guests:

Cleanliness: cleanliness must be a major concern in your hotel, guests expects the environment of your hotel to be neat as well as the entrance, hall way, lobby, down to the room and bathroom. Once the guest notices this he/she feels at home and relaxes.

Safety: the last thing any guests wants is to consider if the hotel is safe enough or if someone dangerous can sneak in and hide behind the curtains. Take the necessary measures to ensure safety for your guests and employees.

Internet: making Internet free in your hotel help improve guests satisfaction. After all the excitement having Internet makes it complete in that you can browse at any time of the day from anywhere as far as you are inside the hotel.

Bathroom Plumbing: nothing annoys more than being inside a bathtub that the water does not flow out, look out for bathroom plumbing that is leaking or one that doesn’t work at all and fix it. It does not speak well of your hotel to the guests, so do the needful.

Comfortable Beds: we all need a nice and comfortable bed to lie on after a day’s job, no natter the size of the bed, number of pillows on the bed or the bedspread it should give comfort to your guests.

Attentive Phone Answering: the front desk officer in the hotel should be alert and pick all calls coming in, answer the caller politely, refer the caller to the manager if he/she can not answer their questions.

Lighting: the first feeling of security is lighting everywhere within and throughout the hotel. Don’t manage lighting in the hotel by providing light to some area and leaving the rest area, give appropriate lighting to every corner of the room, bathroom hallway, lobby, entrance and environment.

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Aroma: smell is considered to be the sense that is most closely attached to emotional reactions. This makes scent in the hotel environment necessary, there should be a welcoming aroma from the entrance of your hotel down to the room. Bad smell from any corner of the room will give a bad impression to your guests.

Simple, Tasty Food: your hotel must be able to provide simple, tasty meals to your guests whenever they need it or you hotel should be close a restaurant that provides all the tasty meals they need. Providing simple, tasty meals will bring back your guests anytime; because they will be comfortable knowing fully well that if they get to your hotel late at night they can still get something to eat.

Check In/Checkout: whatever system you adopt in you hotel for check in/ checkout let your guests feels comfortable with it. Your guests are your first priority, make them feel at ease and welcoming while in your hotel and at checkout make them feel like not going back home.