In Hospitality business you come across different people that have different needs and preference, which is why you need to handle each complaint delicately to help you improve your service to others in order for the same complaint not to repeat itself. There are some basic things you must know and do in order to handle guest’s complaint well, these tips will help you handle guest’s complaint in a manner that the guest’s wont feel offended:

Mind Set Up: as a staff you must not feel offended in respective of the manner the guests gave his/her complaint, you should know that the guests is not angry with you per say but the quality of the service they paid for. You should handle all complaint in a professional manner that way you would be able to calm the guests spirit; however if you flare up the guest will yell at the top of her voice to be heard.

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Using Polite Language: if you handle your guests complaint as a professional and answer them politely despite the way they present the complaint to you they will have no choice than to apologies for talking rudely to you. No matter the way the guest talk to you still talk to them with a polite manner.

Proper Listening: listening to others talk sometimes is a big work; however, if its guests complaint you have to listen attentively, what the guests is saying may not be an issue but for the fact that the guests have complained about it, listen to it and let the person see it in you that you are paying attention to what he/she is saying. Don’t talk while the guest is still talking it is rude; allow them to finish before you respond.

Remaining Calm: what ever the guests say to you while giving their complaint just remain calm with them, ‘it is said that guests are king’ so treat them like one. Avoid anything that will make you talk back or even say any nasty word to the guests, remember the guest does not have problem with you they are just angry because they paid for the service that’s all.

Showing Sympathy: handle all complaint as a professional, at the same time put yourself in the guest’s position or shoes. Show sympathy to the guests by attending problem immediately. They will see that you are concern and be relax to see how you will handle the situation.

Apology: no matter the gravity of the complaint apologies to the guests because even the biggest hotel is not 100% perfect how much more yours, beside the complain will help work on your lapses and make your hotel the best place for guests.

Never Blame Others: on no account will you blame your other staffs, what ever guests complain about even if it is not your section or job take it upon yourself to call the right person in charge and make sure you do follow up with it until it is resolve reason being that the guests complained to you and its you that they will like to see through out until it’s resolve, beside you all have to work as team in order for the hotel to grow.

No Accuse: don’t accuse the guests of causing the problem because you make sure everything is intact when you left the room, customer is always right don’t ever forget that, don’t accuse the guests just follow the issue calmly and resolve it.

Don’t Try To Make Your Guests Wrong: no matter how you feel don’t try to make your wrong. Apologies and handle the situation professionally, even if the guests incriminate his/herself by saying two different things entirely don’t worry; allow it to pass, be calm and answer them politely.

Be Honest: don’t promise what you cant do, say only the things that you know you can do for the guests but if it is beyond you direct them to the manager but make sure you have exhausted all you could, don’t allow the guests to put you in a tight corner as well, know when to say no without offending the guests.