It is wise as a guest to know the things to say to hotel employees, respect the staffs they are human just like you. The hotel is not your house so don’t turn it as if it’s your private property; funny thing is you are a guest and will leave when your money elapse, however, this staff that you treat bad or talk rudely to will still remain at the hotel offering the same service to other guests. These tips will guide you on how to complain and get what you want:

Deal With It In Person: you need to go down yourself to complain of what has happened in your room. Dealing with it in person will make them attend to the issue quickly than when you call and report the same issue on through phone, you might wait all day for the person to come fix the problem while the person might end up not coming at all. However go down to the reception and talked to the person that you see and they they will attend to you fast.

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Be Specific: when explaining what went wrong be sure to be specific and go straight to the point. You might have the whole day but the hotel staff has a lot of work to do, so it will be good to safe the persons time and be specific with your complain.

Is It A Genuine Complain: before you complain look at the issue on ground critically and see if it is worth complaining to the staff. After thoroughly scrutinising the matter at hand and find out that it is not  manageable then complain to the right person; however, if it is not worth complaining please don’t disturb the staff.

Explain What You Want: it is very important to know what you want when complaining don’t make it complicated by saying you don’t know when asked at the end of your complain what you need them to do to rectify the issue. Before going to complain know the preferred solution of that problem, and go ahead to tell them what you think should be done very simple without wasting time.

Don’t Be Rude: in as much as you are expressing how you feel to the person in front of you there is a way to do it without really insulting or talking rudely to the person you expect to resolve the same issue for you. If there is no need to yell at the staff then don’t yell at them. its best to resolve the issue amicably without anyone insulting each other.

Go To The Heads: if you complain and you didn’t get feedback then seek to talk to the manager on duty, if the person still didn’t handle it the way you expect, seek to see the general manager and explain without blaming anyone just go straight to your complain, if the person is not present request for the persons digit and call. In all of these don’t shout.

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