Guests wants to feel and see things you claim to have in your hotel, they have visited some other hotels and see for themselves what a hotel should be like. For your hotel to convince and keep these guests they expect you to do a little extra for them, in as much as they have seen your advert online and check your hotel out, they also want to feel the things they saw on picture when they visit your hotel. Here are tips on room amenities that matter most to your hotel guests: 

Plush Pillows And Breathable Bed Linens: guests want your hotel to give them a feeling of luxury. After a hectic day guests deserve to bath and sleep in a comforting bed that has this softness that they can’t resist; richly luxurious and expensive softness that makes them feel relax. They know what they pay for but expect you to give them something special, a feeling that is out of this world.

Soft, Oversized Bath Towels: on a normal ground whatever you provide for your guests they are suppose to appreciate it because you are actually doing them a favour; however, that is not true, they in turn think they are the ones doing a favour by booking with your hotel. So instead of the normal bath towel they expect soft, oversized bath towels that will go round their body and make them feel comfortable. 

Full-Sized, PH-Balanced Toiletries: guests don’t expect you to make them manage anything in your hotel, especially toiletries e.g., soap, tooth paste, tissues, wipes etc. guests expect you to provide them with what they wont commonly get outside i.e. expensive shampoo, soap what have you, they want to feel and smell expensive while in your hotel.

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Complimentary Refreshments: upon arrival at the hotel, they understand their guests will be tired and need a little something before retiring to bed. So they come up with complimentary refreshments like snack, juice, tea, and biscuit etc. to make them feel relax for the time being. This complimentary refreshment often helps, especially for guests that don’t have time to go down to the café/restaurant to eat; it safes them time and stress to get a little something to keep them going.

A Little Something Special: you can decide to give your guests a treat although you have provided all they need for them to feel comfortable, however, doing a little something special will thrilled them. Surprise your guests with expensive meal on the house; it should not be what they are used to, something different but tasty and nutritious. They will not forget the gesture and they will tell whomever they come across, how you treat them while in your hotel.