Not all hotels in town make extra arrangement for kids but the ones that do has lot of parents coming back to the same hotel. Although having kids around the hotel takes extra work for the hotel staff because adults knows how to behave and keep things neat but kids can’t, if its just adults you can just sweep a place once or twice but if kids are involve you will do it more than twice; however, they are fun to have around at least they make you smile and complain at the same time. Here are tips on the best kid-friendly hotel amenities for family travelers:

Kid-Friendly Bathroom And Bath Essentials: allocating room that have space and contains kids essentials will really thrill guest that comes to your hotel with their kids. Kid tub and others necessary things that makes bathing fun for kids is all you need to put in place for that child thinks bathing is annoying, if your hotel have these things then you don’t need to worry about any children spoiling anything in the hotel.

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Baby Cribs and Child Cots: having crib/cot in your hotel room for parent that have toddler is awesome because some kids will refuse to sleep but if placed in a crib/cot then sleeping time will be fun time for that child. Another thing is you don’t need to worry about the baby staining the parents bed because he/she will be occupied playing or sleeping in his/her crib or cot.

Laundry Facilities: providing laundry facilities for your guests to do their laundry will be very appreciated, instead of stocking dirty clothes up until they go back home. Another thing is that your guests wont disturb any of the hotel staff to do their kids laundry for them.

Kids Eat Free: you can surprise your guests when they visit your hotel with their kids. They already know the normal rules of paying for whatever their kids eat or drink in the hotel; you will be making their day to discover that all their kids will be eating is on the house. It is another way of reaching out to other guests that have kids to bring their kids to your hotel the next time they will be visiting your hotel.

Discount On Laundry Service: everyone can not do their laundry, some prefer to give it to the dry cleaners to do it for them while some choose to do it by themselves because of the price. However you can easily win these ones over if you give them discount on your laundry service, even your existing customers will bring more clothes for you to wash and iron for them.

These tips may not work for everyone but it will surely work for parents visiting your hotel with their kids.